About us

Pasha Industry is a group of highly rated companies and engineers specialized in modern Steel and Foundry industries. With its members trained in different areas from Metallurgy and materials science to Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

After more than 37 years of working in steel industries, Pasha Industry is set its focus on the development of its markets in Iraqi Industries. Knowing that the Steel and foundry Industry in Iraq is relatively new and there are great opportunities for new and excellent developments. We are ready to play a role in this achievement so that the country is needless of outside help to fulfill its demands.

Pasha Industry is a Manufacturing company and supplier which is focused on the production of accessories and tools for steel and foundries with the latest European technologies. From immersion thermocouples and samplers to primary materials and Refractories, we have a wide range of products to offer to our new customers. Aside from our products, our services are not limited to just selling goods. We are here to share and supply our valuable experience achieved in years of working on different projects and cooperation.