Traffic Light & Horn
Oxygen Lance
Cutting and Scarfing Torches
Thermocouple Lance

Contact Block

  • LCD
    This device is used as the display for DTO-02, DST 02/C/+. The LCD is located outside of the Control room. When the temperature is measured by devices, the temperature and information are then shown on the display.


  • Traffic Light & Horn
    Traffic Light has a separate cell that is connected with a metal connector and it has connections to the DTL panel.
    Horn warning device is an audio message about a problem or position.

  • Oxygen Lance
    All materials in contact with Oxygen are bronze or brass.
    Seals manufactured out of self-extinguishing abrasion-resistant rubber.
    This ensures the safety of the inserted lance by the combination of clamp and rubber sleeve.
    Quick lance locking by rotating nut.
    Suitable for operations of ladle/tundish opening and unloading.

  • Cutting and Scarfing Torches
    Cutting and Scarfing torches are the perfect tools for manually cutting and Leveling the surface of the products (including: Blooms, Billets and Slabs) in emergency situations.


  • Thermocouple Lance
    Thermocouple lance is designed to measure temperature and oxygen in the melt(DIN IEC 584/1/2/3). These lances are produced according to customers order with 2000 mm until 5000mm (60′>). All of the accessories and consumable is able to order separate.

  • Contact Block
    Thermocouple contact blocks are mainly used for rapid temperature measurement in the metallurgy and foundries. the temperature signal is transmitted after installing the Probe on the contact block. and the green light will be on.


The wires used in the thermocouple contact blocks are extension wires. They are separated into type SC(RC), type BC and type WRe3/25(D).They are separately matched with Pt10Rh-Pt (Pt13Rh-Pt) Pt30Rh-Pt6Rh and WRe3-WRe25 expendable thermocouple.