Calibration Device

  • DTO2
    By using a DTO device not only your area able to see the graphics and figures of temperature, Oxygen and Carbon Contents but also you can store and storage all of the data from different melts and operations. The data is accessible whenever it is needed.

  • DST
    In steelmaking and Foundries, which there is a need for an instrument to be mounted on the wall of the control room, DST device is a reliable solution with vast capabilities.

  • Calibration device
    The Calibration device is a portable and easy-to-use device which is used for quick and accurate checks on the operation of the equipment used for thermal measurements.

By simulating two different temperatures or generating two different millivolt output, you can test the equipment accuracy over a range, generally most important range, i.e., 1400 to 1600 centigrade degrees for type R, S and B thermocouples and 1270-1430 for type K thermocouples.

  • DPT
    Pasha Industry Portable Thermometer (PPT) is a portable and User-friendly Thermometer which can be used to measure the temperature of the molten steel with different types of Thermocouples.